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Enviromental Drilling


Ayr Boring Company provides Environmental drilling services, which includes Hollow Stem Split Spoon Augers and monitoring wells anywhere in Queensland and Northern Territory. 

Specializing in Environmental Drilling in Service Stations, Fuel Depots, Remote Areas licenced in Queensland, New South Wales and Northern Territory.

Have over 20 years experience in working in the Environmental Industry.  Speicalizing in moving sands and alluviums.

Capabilities of using:

  • Hollow Stem Augers
  • Solid Stem Augers
  • Air Drilling
  • Blade & Hammer Drilling and Filters for extracting oils from compressed air
  • Concrete Coring Equipment up to 200mm diameter

Can provide all materials required for the installation of Monitoring Wells up to 150mm diameter.

All Rigs are equipped with HiPressure Decontamination Equipment to prevent cross contamination.