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Burdekin Shire Test Holes

Burdekin Shire Water Bores for Town Supply

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Flow Testing/Test Pump


Ayr Boring Company can Flow Test how much water is being extracted from a water bore this can range from 1 litre per second (L/S) up to 270 litres per second. 

To get the most out of your Bore its best to Flow Test your Bore whether it be a Rural or Town Domestic House Supply or Irrigation Watering Bore Supply.  It is best but not essential on house supplies or back yard supplies.  A reasonable judgment can be made by air lift for the bores.

Flow Rates are calculated by measuring water levels while pumping at a particular Rate which is governed by what the water level is doing.  Most Flow Rates can be measured within 6 to 8 hours, but have done so for 3 months for Springs Carnival.

One other reason for Test Pumping is that in marginal areas & Rock Bores can sometimes run out of water or have potential to run out in further.

As most of the jobs are in remote areas we are set up to deal with this with Gensets & all other Equipment to tackle this.