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Irrigation Bores


Ayr Boring Company has the capabilities of drilling large Diameter Water Bores so as to be able to pump large volumes of water for irrigation farming land. We also offer the service of rejuvenation and cleaning of bores.  The Burdekin has a large amount of water available from the under ground.

To allow  to pump large volumes of water we need to put larger Diameter Bores to allow us to get high volume Pumps in.  This is because of the larger Diameter of the high volume pumps.

Also in the case of a Submersible Pumps you need a bit more room to allow cable to come up the side of the pump as the motor is mounted under the pump.  Another advantage is that it allows installation of  larger Diamater Screens for more efficient entry of water in to the Bore.

Screens are ordered to suite the Sand/Gravel size in the Bore, this means we can vary the slot size to suit the sand in the bores even if it changes in the same bore or screen length.  All Screens are 316SS (Stainless Steel) with a lapse rate to suit the bore depth.

We develop/surge all our Irrigation Bores to ensure you get the maximum amount of water out of the bore and minimizes the amount of wear of on the pump.  We have two methods of doing this, that is with a large 900 CFM Compressor or Surging Tool or Cable Tool Rig, this would seem abit old fashion but still a very effective method.

We still use a Cable Tool Rig in the Burdekin Area for installing Irrigation Bores as I feel it still is the best method of putting in Irrigation Bores.