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Burdekin Shire Water Bores for Town Supply

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Ayr Boring Company can drill a Water Bore whether it be for a Domestic, Irrigation, Agricultural, Environmental or Industrial use. If you need water we can install a Bore for any purpose and use. We will go anywhere in Queensland to drill water for you.,, an., anywher a

 aABores have been used for Centuries as a way of extracting water from under the ground from many depths.  There are two different types of Water Bores: Artesian and Sub Artesian in simple terms Artesian Bores flow own their own and this is because of the pressure at these depths, the water comes to the surface without the need of a pump.  Sub Artesian Bores are normally more shallow and need a pump to get water to the surface, these bores are on the coast or closer to the coast. 

In the past Bores where lined with steel casings but these days PVC is more commonly used.  For smaller water supplies slots are put in the PVC for water entry, in bigger water supplies a SS (Stainless Steel ) wire wound screen is used for maximum water entry and in some cases a gravel pack is used for more efficient water entry.

The only other thing that has a bearing on a Bore is the amount of water you hope to pump, the more water you wish to pump, the bigger the pump which means the bigger  diameter of the bore to allow for the clearance of the bigger diameter  pump.

There are various forms of Bores for various purposes or uses: there are Domestic/House Supply Bores, Irrigation Bores for Agricultural uses ie Cropping and Cattle, Industrial, Environmental. Where ever you may need a water supply but do not have the option of Town Supply fair chance you going to need a Bore put down.