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Burdekin Shire Test Holes

Burdekin Shire Water Bores for Town Supply

Presentation of Water Bore Efficiecy










Ayr Boring Company specializes in Environmental Drilling, Domestic & Stock Bores, Irrigation Bores up to large diametres. Test Pumping & Pumps Sales. 

Capable of drilling many Diameters and all sorts  of Mediams and Conditions.

Cable Tool, Rotary Air, Mud, Hollow and Solid Stem Augers.

Have 400CFM & 900CFM compressors for Developing/ and Surging Bores.  Also have Chemical for problem Bores (Rust & Clays etc).

Have access to most makes and parts for all size pumps and all depths. 5 Tonne Crane Truck for Pump extraction and re/installation.

We can service all areas and industries.

Test Pumping from 1 L/S up to 270 L/S.

Enviromental Drilling specialising in Hollow Stem Augers, Solid Stem Augers.  Also have the capability to run Air Hammer and Blade Bits with filters to avoid Cross Contamination for Environmental purposes.